Since inception ANRA has been actively engaged with NASA and FAA and is one of the official collaborator on all UTM related programs. Our platform was built from ground up keeping safety and scalability in mind.

Airspace Management

For a safe flight it is important to be aware of external parameters and ANRA provides real-time airspace data to drone operators directly from the flight management software being used to operate the drone itself. This dynamic airspace data includes controlled airspace, airports, nearby air traffic, temporary flight restrictions, local weather, and more.


ANRA is partnered with AIRMAP and we offer the ability to establish and manage airspace controls applicable to drones and their operators, and “out-of-band” issuance of no-fly zones (NOTAMs). AIRMAP airspace management platform is granular enabling you to establish restrictions that only apply to certain classes of operator and/or drones.


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