Construction Site Inspections

The use of drones powered using ANRA DroneOSS has a multitude of advantages since they are cheaper to fly than manned aircrafts and much quicker than human surveyors. For builders the data from drones can be collected frequently allowing easy integration into projects and tracking site progress precisely and with hardly any lag time. Data from drones can also be modified into 3D structural models, volumetric measurements, topographical maps and monitoring stockpiles of reserves. This allows construction companies to work more effectively in managing their time and resources while minimizing potential issues and delays.



Data from the ANRA DroneOSS can generate information that can be utilized by Building Information Modeling (BIM) to enhance how buildings, infrastructure and utilities are planned enhancing business value and insight in the construction process.


Some of the key benefits of a drone based solution include

  • Perform historical comparisons
  • Easy project updates and reporting
  • Change detection over time
  • Quality control and safety review
  • Record Keeping
  • Generate 2D Orthomosaics
  • Perform Basic Measurements
  • Generate 3D Surface Models
  • Generate Digital Elevation Models
  • Perform Volumetric Analysis
  • Perform Survey Grade Measurements


DroneOSS solution includes cloud based and field based mobile inspection planning, management software as well as cloud data processing, analytics, and reporting. System supports multiple user roles and these can be mapped to roles of users across the enterprise. The system also allows sharing of information with stakeholders inside and outside the organization using a customer facing portal. DroneOSS solution can be easily integrated ANRA with existing enterprise systems and workflows.

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