Our Engagement Model

Your satisfaction is our priority

Think drones are just a toy? They’re not. They’re a tool of the modern age and they can be used for so much more than flying around as a remote gadget. In fact, businesses from all manner of industries, local and global, all over the world are using drones to fulfill absolutely vital elements and required tasks for their specific organization’s requirements. Our customers are taking advantage of our special enterprise drone solutions to improve their decision making process, capture more reliable and precise data, enhance safety of their workers and ensure compliance.

Solution Definition

We at ANRA want to help you understand how the commercial drones can be integrated into your business. After the initial analsyis we can provide a custom tailored solution to meet you exact business objectives.

Enterprise Integration

Integration is absolutely key to the success of your company, as we are sure you already know. That’s why we’ve developed software which will easily integrate with the existing technology used within your company. We can combine aerial data with geographic information systems and any other planning processes used within your organization.


Safety is a crucial part of our customer service and the products we provide. That’s why we ensure all our commercial drones comply with any and all safety requirements and regulations that may be imposed upon your company. ANRA is an active NASA UTM collaborator and works closely with other FAA and related organizations. We comply with all US civil aviation regulations.

Data Collection and Analysis

We are experts in enabling capture of high quality data. If you’re going to use commercial drones, you might as well be investing in data unlike anything that your current technology can retrieve. Our platform plans and execute flights so that aerial data can be stored and accessed safely and easily.

Support and Training

We don’t simply hand over the drones and expect you to work it out for yourselves. Our expert engineers and developers will help you to understand the nature of drones and how to use them within your business.