Insurance Inspections

Using a drone to inspect a building after a loss is not only safer, with the claims adjuster keeping both feet firmly on the ground, but also much more efficient. Using a drone, adjusters and underwriters can obtain the information they need and 8-10 times faster than using traditional means. Commercial drones enable not only quick but also safe collection of images of customer property that can be used for loss deterrence, claim assessments and underwriting.


ANRA’s DroneOSS solution can help insurance agencies navigate compliance requirements, securely operate drones and integrate high resolution images and data with relevant enterprise systems.


Some of the key benefits of a drone based solution include

  • No need to climb on property anymore
  • Promote and ensure worker safety
  • Perform damage assessments and collect accurate and timely data
  • Drastically reduce the time needed for inspections
  • Faster claims settlement process
  • Generate high-resolution terrain data enabling accurate modeling
  • Perform repeatable inspections and track the asset condition over time



DroneOSS solution includes cloud based and field based mobile inspection planning, management software as well as cloud data processing, analytics, and reporting. System supports multiple user roles and these can be mapped to roles of users across the enterprise. The system also allows sharing of information with stakeholders inside and outside the organization using a customer facing portal. DroneOSS solution can be easily integrated ANRA with existing enterprise systems and workflows.

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