MissionManager™ Data Migration Service

Migrating Legacy Data to ANRA MissionManager™ Drone Operations Platform

Maintaining historical data is critical to every enterprise drone program for long-term analysis, planning and compliance. ANRA understands the vital importance of preserving your data and maintaining your drone operations while transitioning to a new platform.

Our complimentary data migration service for MissionManager ensures that all your historical fleet management, flight orchestration, pilot tracking, aircraft maintenance, LAANC authorization, risk assessment and analysis data will move with you.

MissionManager offers all the features and functionality vital to your enterprise operations and much more. MissionManager provides enterprise-grade features and capabilities for an unlimited number of users and missions. The secure platform streamlines workflows, monitors performance, and accelerates drone-enabled data collection and processing. MissionManager can be customized to fit your needs.


“I can issue multiple flight plans to pilots in the field for review and monitor their progress in real-time. The software prevents flying drones with overdue maintenance or with pilots that have expired licenses. Our clients’ data is processed and annotated on the same platform, simplifying my business workflow. I recommend it to anyone flying more than one mission per week, especially in multiple locations”.

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