MissionManager™ – Enterprise Platform

ANRA MissionManagerTM is part of a family of highly adaptable and scalable drone operation platforms, specifically designed to adjust to rapidly evolving regulatory environments. The secure cloud-based platform manages pilots and assets anywhere in the world, enabling seamless workflow coordination from the corporate office to the job site. With increased confidence and lower risk, drone program managers will be assured that permitted operations are flown using qualified personnel flying approved equipment for assigned tasks.

LAANC Connected

The platform supports extensive flight automation, including integration into the ANRA SmartSkies™ UTM platform for beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations. ANRA MissionManagerTM designed to monetize your existing capabilities and drive innovative new services.  The workflow orchestration encompasses everything from flight planning, to automated notifications and authorizations, auto data collection, autonomous execution, real-time sensor data, video streaming, cloud-based data analysis, as well as data-sharing, and collaboration tools.

The platform allows for sharing of information with stakeholders inside and outside the organization using a collaborative customer facing portal with a role-based structure.

Drone Operations Platform

We can set up a new workflow from the ground up, or, integrate MissionManagerTM with your existing enterprise systems, databases, and workflows.  The platform supports mobile and web interfaces and extensible open APIs.

Command and Control

ANRA provides cloud-based platform as well as a mobile operator software that can be used for simultaneous command and control functionality as well as communications for line of sight (LOS) and beyond line of sight (BLOS) operations.
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Fleet Management

The platform allows organizations to quickly log operations with multiple flights. It enables tracking and reporting data that matter to your business.
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Flight Planning

ANRA’s commercial flight planning tools and data services can be utilized for planning a flight, checking for potential airspace and other constraint violations in the comforts of your own office or desk.
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Live Streaming

ANRA Technologies first introduced real time integrated video streaming and sensor control for commercial drones in 2016 and over the years has been evolving this capability to minimize latency and enhance security.
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MissionManager – Home Screen
MissionManager – Dashboard
MissionManager – Maintenance View
MissionManager – Asset Manager
MissionManager – Custom Checklists
MissionManager – Flight Planning
MissionManager – Flight Coordination
MissionManager – Live Tracking and Streaming
MissionManager – Remote Command and Control
MissionManager – Data Analytics
MissionManager – Workspace