Command and Control

ANRA offers cloud-based platform as well as a mobile operator software that can be used for simultaneous command and control functionality as well as communications for line of sight (LOS) and beyond line of sight (BLOS) operations. The system supports complete autonomous flight operations including auto takeoff and landing as well as camera and sensor control.

The integrated flight planning feature supports both fixed wing and multi-rotor aircraft. If the drone based radar is enabled, ANRA can enable all of the subscribers to use Over The Horizon radar (“OTH” or “BTH”) to ‘view’ what is in range.

ANRA MissionManager can also be easily integrated into ANRA’s SmartSkies™ UTM platform, enabling automated flight approvals, strategic deconfliction, sense and avoid capabilities for non-cooperative aircraft. The platform supports the integration of Remote Identification of drones using both network and broadcast based technologies in line with the evolving Industry standards.

MissionManager – Remote Command and Control
MissionManager – Live Tracking and Streaming
MissionManager – Flight Coordination