Flight Planning

ANRA’s commercial flight planning tools and data services can be utilized for planning a flight, checking for potential airspace and other constraint violations in the comforts of your own office or desk. It is critical to use a system that can support proper flight planning and procedures that result in a safe workflow. Once you are flying and the drone is operational, you can use ANRA’s commercial flight planning tools and data services for real time flight management.

The flying environment is rarely the same and is never static: changing weather and aerial situations mean that frequent route adaptation is often required. The ANRA software and services assess the changing environment and will automatically safeguard the operation. Along with safety, data processing and information is also very pertinent. You can get automatic, detailed flight path logging and flight controller data logging for all your flights, automatically correlated with other sensor and telemetry data for post operational processing.

MissionManager – Flight Planning
MissionManager – Flight Coordination
MissionManager – Live Tracking and Streaming
MissionManager – Remote Command and Control