A selectable collection of data sources to support flight safety decisions and improve business intelligence for UAM and UTM operations

ANRA AWARE integrates multiple data sources for flight safety decisions (radar, ADBS-B, terrain, weather, cellular coverage, etc.) and supplemental data to improve business intelligence (demographics, flood plain, etc. ). Access to flight safety data is necessary so pilots can plan and fly a mission. Data for business intelligence helps organizations to achieve their objective by incorporating data that helps optimize decisions. AWARE can be included in ANRA airspace management solutions or provided as a separate service.

Complex UTM or UAM missions require access to data that will impact the safe execution of the flight. ANRA AWARE collects and integrates data sources to give pilots the required information to safely plan and fly missions. AWARE also provides data unrelated to safety, focused on improving mission success to include offering data to increase Return on Investment for businesses or to operational efficiency for organizations.

Our ANRA family of technology allows you to add additional features for a more complete solution. Each of our software platforms are seamlessly integrated, lowering your costs and increasing your speed to market. Check out our other ANRA offerings to see how we might improve your operations, today.

Airspace Management – Looking Ahead

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