A mobile and web-based software solution that provides end-to-end drone delivery capability by connecting stakeholders to create an order fulfillment ecosystem

ANRA DELIVERY provides a network that enables drone deliveries by managing orders, inventory, and provisioning products – then safely operates the drone within our UTM network. DELIVERY incorporates our airspace management technology to enable a safe transit for the drone while providing tracking and status updates to the customer on our mobile app. Our solution connects all the necessary stakeholders by providing the necessary information and data exchanges for compliant and efficient delivery operations.

Drone service providers and organizations that want to move packages efficiently and safely on one network will benefit from DELIVERY. We are the only known company that offers the option to insert your own drone hardware into a delivery network that includes technology to help develop a safety case to be permitted to fly BVLOS operations. All stakeholders in the supply chain have appropriate levels of access and credentials to view, control, and manage their respective task along the network and to have situational awareness on inventory, package health status, and order progress.

Our ANRA family of technology allows you to add additional features for a more complete solution. Each of our software platforms are seamlessly integrated, lowering your costs and increasing your speed to market. Check out our other ANRA offerings to see how we might improve your operations, today.

Airspace Management – Looking Ahead

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