A mobile and web-based software solution that provides network and broadcast Remote ID

Our DroneID capability supports broadcast- and network-based identification. Network Remote ID is available when drone operators and end users access the internet, typically via a cellular network. Broadcast ID is available when a signal is transmitted directly from the drone to a mobile device receiver within the broadcast range. Our platform provides appropriate levels of access to drone information based on user permissions with just a few clicks. DroneID can be included in ANRA airspace management solutions or provided as a separate service.
Remote identification is an important step to more complex drone operations, such as Beyond Visual Line-of-Site (BLVOS) missions. Government entities and the public will need this technology to help address drone related security concerns. As a company with an extensive aviation culture, our mission is to deliver a reliable and trusted RemoteID for public safety and the community. We do this by designing cyber resiliency and security into everything we deploy.

ANRA DroneID Module

Our ANRA family of technology allows you to add additional features for a more complete solution. Each of our software platforms are seamlessly integrated, lowering your costs and increasing your speed to market. Check out our other ANRA offerings to see how we might improve your operations, today.

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