ANRA MissionManager

A mobile and web-based software platform that provides fleet management, pilot tracking, maintenance, live video streaming, work order flow, and data analysis

ANRA MissionManager allows you to create new drone related projects and assign defined roles to users across the enterprise and share the information with stakeholders internal and external to the organization. Our cloud-based platform uses a mobile device for simultaneous command and control functionality for beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations for one or multiple drones. Pilots can choose between manual or automated flight management, then select one of several pre programmed flight path options to upload waypoints for autonomous flight operations. Stream near real time video from the drone to anyone with access to the internet and with appropriate permission. Drone collected data can be shared and integrated into reports and is interoperable with third party processing software. MissionManager can be included in ANRA airspace management solutions or provided as a separate service.

ANRA MissionManager is ideal for enterprise users that have multiple drone operations, with multiple pilots in different geographic locations. In one platform, organize all drone equipment and track its maintenance, log pilot hours, and develop and send work orders. Create a hierarchy that allows program oversight of multiple business units or geographic areas and assign subordinates to manage their own respective programs. MissionManager can be customized to fit your needs.

MissionManager – Home Screen
MissionManager – Live Tracking and Streaming
MissionManager – Remote Command and Control
MissionManager – Data Analytics
MissionManager – Capability Overview
MissionManager – Maintenance View
MissionManager – Workspace
MissionManager – Asset Manager
MissionManager – Dashboard
MissionManager – Custom Checklists

Our ANRA family of technology allows you to add additional features for a more complete solution. Each of our software platforms are seamlessly integrated, lowering your costs and increasing your speed to market. Check out our other ANRA offerings to see how we might improve your operations, today.

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