An airspace management software platform for operating UAM aircraft in an advanced mobility environment

Our micro-services architecture enables advanced air mobility airspace management for UAM aircraft to easily scale and adapt to any region in the world. Includes mission planning, strategic deconfliction, tracking and monitoring, constraints management, authorization, and registration. We are the only company in the world to support both NASA and European Union/EASA as a provider of UAM airspace services.
Operating eVTOL unmanned aircraft in rural or urban environments require a safe, resilient and proven airspace management system to enable advanced air mobility flight operations. Our platform allows competent authorities to access data while ensuring privacy and data protection by incorporating aviation grade Information Security Management processes. ANRA UAM will evolve with regulations, ensuring users of our technology can deploy confidently with an airspace manager partner that will provide the highest quality of safety and service for the foreseeable future.

Our ANRA family of technology allows you to add additional features for a more complete solution. Each of our software platforms are seamlessly integrated, lowering your costs and increasing your speed to market. Check out our other ANRA offerings to see how we might improve your operations, today.

Airspace Management – Looking Ahead

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