UAM Consulting

Work with the global leaders in UAM/UTM Industry

We are a global leader, experienced in implementing innovative UAS/UTM solutions in the unmanned airspace management field, where government and business intersect.  We provide comprehensive industry and technical expertise in the emerging field of UAM across the value chain.

Our consulting services pair technical expertise with industry and public sector knowledge, navigating a complex and experimental regulatory UTM framework in its infancy. We are at the forefront of the UAM evolution, actively collaborating with government and industry in setting the global standard for UAM and UTM.

We provide guidance in the five key areas of Airspace Management for UAM to obtain a competitive edge for our consulting clients:


We will work with you to maximize consumer confidence for your UAM operations by implementing state of the art safety standards.  We can help implement safety features, processes, and policies, differentiating you from competitors when it comes to safety performance.


ANRA provides UAM risk management, data management, and contingency planning consulting services.   It is imperative that only the right stakeholder with the right privileges access data from your UAM fleet.  We ensure that your UAM systems do not transmit commercially sensitive information, keeping your business safe, while maintaining the safety and security of the airspace.


Fair use of airspace and thus public perception, especially in a saturated airspace environment is key.  ANRA is positioned to advise government and industry on how to set up and manage the UAM airspace, including priority management.


We have built our own agnostic, interoperable technology platform for UTM, and are positioned to engineer flexible solutions from the ground up for both UTM providers and the public sector.


Technology providers and government entities need to make sure that the UAM and underlying technologies can federate and provide a scalable service.  ANRA leverages industry knowledge to ensure that systems can interoperate, scale, and achieve economies of scale.


ANRA Consulting Services can leverage an extensive network of global players to develop alliances and monetize viable solutions for new entrants in an emerging market through evidence-based decision making.

ANRA’s expertise in private sector consulting includes:

  • UAM/UTM monetization
  • Roadmap and business model creation and execution
  • Feasibility studies
  • Navigation of regulatory strategies
  • Competitor differentiation strategies in 5 key areas of airspace management
  • Matchmaking/Alliance positioning among the private and public sector for strategic partnerships


ANRA partners with US and global government entities on a national, state, and local level to establish thought leadership, a regulatory framework and operating standards in the UAM space both nationally and internationally. We have joined forces with key national and global players such as NASA, FAA, Swiss USPACE, as well as the UK UTM Framework, to name just a few of our partnerships.

One of the threats to successful UAM integration is the creation of an overly fragmented regulatory framework.  ANRA can assist in leveraging industry knowledge to form an integrated, interoperable framework from the ground up.

ANRA’s range of public sector expertise include:

  • Policy
  • Regulation
  • Public Safety
  • Certification standards
  • Integration with private UTM providers
  • Infrastructure design and planning e.g. eVTOL charging station locations, Vertiport management
  • UAM airspace architecture design


ANRA specializes in advisory services to the aerospace, aviation, and defense industries.

We help industry clients with forming strategic partnerships with innovate technology providers, capable of supporting interoperability and industry-specific needs.  We evaluate market needs and pair them with industry expertise, including commercial opportunities and partnerships.

ANRA’s range of industry sector expertise includes:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Technical features integration

Integration with private UTM providers