Defense and Security

ANRA advanced airspace management technology on the edge or in the cloud for government agencies that require higher levels of access security and resiliency. 

More UAS are being deployed to conduct operations in support of defense and security agencies. Although UAS vary in size and tasking, they all share one common requirement – the need to operate in managed airspace for mission success. We offer ANRATM SECURE, our software platform that includes:

Scalability. UAS platform agnostic, able to manage 20,000 simultaneous UAS missions as demonstrated in 2021 FAA project.

Awareness. All airspace participants are visualized and integrated using data from surveillance technology (radar/ADS-B), telemetry (UAS), and supplemental sources (weather), shared in a distributed and access-controlled network.

Mission support. Plan and execute missions with advanced airspace management and integrated with all airspace participants/stakeholders through data exchange.

Dynamic routing. Re-routing for hazards and constraints, ensuring UAS avoid prohibited areas unless awarded access by designated authority.  

Deconfliction. Mission plan flight routes in 4D with assurance of avoiding hazards and deconflicted with other UAS flight plans.

Civil Aviation Interface. Data exchanges with aviation authorities to account for civil air operations during combat or peacetime operations using international standards.

 Training. Conduct missions in a digital twin using the same airspace management solution.

International aviation authorities are developing airspace management systems for UAS operations. ANRA has been vetted and ready to support global security missions.