Cell Tower Inspections

Autonomous drones powered using ANRA DroneOSS can perform quick inspections of wireless infrastructure  and enable secure data images and video footage capture of towers and associated equipment. Drones are a key to decreasing costs and creating safe missions by reducing the need for humans to climb the towers for manual inspections.



ANRA’s DroneOSS solution enables telecom; wireless and broadcast network operators meet compliance requirements, safely and easily operate drones and integrate high resolution inspection data with existing asset management and tracking systems.


Some of the key benefits of a drone based solution include

  • Eliminate the need to climb the tower for audits and inspections
  • Promote and ensure worker safety
  • Track equipment specifications associated with the tower
  • Inspect the tower equipment for any damage and reduce downtime
  • Review the site for any encroachments by vegetation
  • Eliminate disturbances to nesting birds and other wildlife



DroneOSS solution includes cloud based and field based mobile inspection planning, management software as well as cloud data processing, analytics, and reporting. System supports multiple user roles and these can be mapped to roles of users across the enterprise. The system also allows sharing of information with stakeholders inside and outside the organization using a customer facing portal. DroneOSS solution can be easily integrated ANRA with existing enterprise systems and workflows.

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