Our Mission

Provide best in class Open Drone Operational Platform

We provide Unmanned aerial vehicle (”UAV”) operators and service providers with an off the shelf, field proven, operational platform and services for launching and managing commercial drone operations. ANRA solution is an airframe agnostic platform which means that it can work with any drone of the customers choice.


ANRA provides a low-cost  cloud-based platform used for enabling sensor data acquisition, dissemination, simultaneous ground/air command and control functionality as well as communications for line of sight (LOS) and BLOS operations. When Drone based radar is enabled, ANRA will then enable all of it’s subscribers to use Over The Horizon radar (“OTH” or “BTH”) to ‘view’ what is in range.

ANRA’s technology uses multiple UAVs as flying swarm nodes with portable and cloud-based control stations and leverages commercial cellular networks where available to provide low-cost network functionality beyond the horizon of the cloud-based control center. The cloud-based control station offers features such as  flight planning, flight path monitoring, separation assurance and incident management in addition to remote C3I capability.

Cloud Storage

Sensor and flight data can easily be uploaded, processed, managed and stored in the cloud. Our system uses RESTful API to control access to the data and make the data accessible to other applications within your organization.
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Data Sharing

Whether you are collaborating, sharing data or just bragging about your data, sharing over multiple locations is important and made easy by our system.
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Data Analytics

ANRA system utilizes a variety of models ranging from orthomosaics to digital surface models (DSM) and more for data processing and analysis. Additionally the system can also generate point clouds and other outputs for use in existing enterprise software
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APIs and SDKs

The latest version of the platform supports extensible Open APIs and exposes a catalog of capabilities to enterprises and service providers to monetize existing capabilities and drive innovative new services.
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